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Architect Daniel Burnham’s famous maxim, “Make no little plans. They have no magic to stir men’s blood” seems an appropriate epigram for this website. Launched in October 2005 with the modest goal of listing every existing Prairie School structure in the world, a number of visitors have been stirred to send contributions that expand this web resource.

In addition to thanking owners who’ve generously sent details of their own buildings, I’d like to recognize individuals who have provided information of a more general or wide-ranging sort.

Phillip Pecord has compiled lists of Prairie School buildings for more than thirty years. His gift of these lists has proved transformational for this web site. Many states owe their entire listings to information that he contributed. He continues to comb the Web for PS details, and is a ready resource when there are questions about individual listings.

Wayne W. Wood supplied descriptions and photographs of nearly every Florida Prairie Style building, as well as materials for buildings in other states and Puerto Rico. The thoroughness of his work shames the terse blurbs written by your humble editor found elsewhere on this site.

The original Florida listings benefited greatly from contributions by Jeff Richardson.

Butch Kmet has furnished virtually all of the excellent photos for buildings in Utah, a state most would consider unlikely to be the home of even one Prairie building.

Klaas Vermaas of Utrecht, the Netherlands, has contributed all of the images for buildings in his country, a place, like Utah, most would consider an improbable location for Prairie architecture.

Phil Adams has generously sent many photographs from his travels through the Midwest.

Michael Houser, Architectural Historian with Washington’s Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation, provided many details about Prairie School buildings in Washington and Oregon.

Spiritual support for the idea of The Prairie School Traveler has come from Mark Hammons, whose Organica chronicles the history of Purcell & Elmslie. No architect could hope for a more thorough or sympathetic biographer. The clean look of Mark’s site and the richness of its content have been an inspiration for this present work.

Paul Ringstrom single-handedly supplied all the photographs for the La Crosse, Wisconsin listings, a tremendous feat.

Hundreds of photographs of buildings by Frank Lloyd Wright and other Prairie architects have been supplied by Jack Lesshafft.

Rick McNees has generously shared images from his website, which documents the work of Wright and others.

Many additions to the state lists and photographs, often of lesser-known buildings, have been contributed by Connecticut architect Richard Kenyon.

Additions and corrections to the California listings have been suggested by Howard Partridge, owner of the quirky, educational and entertaining Cupola website.

Architect Randolph C. Henning has generously shared a number of historic postcard images from his collection of Prairie School buildings.

Dennis Blazey has sought out PS buildings in out-of-the-way places in the upper Midwest.

Nothing would please me more than to include your name on this page. If you have information about Prairie School buildings, I would be delighted to have you contact me.

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